Kona Series Release: Part 2

With Christmas around the corner, I am releasing 6 new paintings for my Kona 2019 Series. The sizes of the paintings are 12″ x 36″ and 18″ x 36.” It has been pretty cold at my warehouse of a studio lately, so I am taking a wee break from painting until it warms up a bit. Brrrrr!! I can say that this is my last post and release of paintings until the new year, so I wish you a very Mele Kalikimaka and a Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

These new paintings are inspired by my open water dives off of Kona, Hawaii, with my favorite dive company, Kona Ocean Adventures. The crew is my second family and the animal encounters are consistently magical. I dived with Laverne again, the resident 16 foot tiger shark, and I got to add a new species to my shark bucket list, 2 oceanic whitetip sharks. But, the most magical encounter was an hour long scuba dive with a very friendly whale shark. My friend and I didn’t even have to move because the whale shark just stopped in front of us. I wasn’t sure if it was expecting us to hug it or blow bubbles under its belly! All I know is, by some wild luck I got to name this whale shark, which I dubbed “The Meg.”

Please e-mail me at meganwillisart@gmail.com if you would like more information about a piece. I also posted the new paintings to my store at the button below.

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