Moorea Travels

Ia Orana/Hello! I somehow magically lucked out and was able to travel to French Polynesia two months ago. I took a break from painting after I returned, but I’m back and starting my next series inspired by the island of Moorea. Many new paintings are coming soon!

My Moorea dive movie is up! Apparently manta rays are rare here, so I was lucky to see one. French Polynesia actually allows swimming with whales, so it was a huge adjustment for me not to feel like I would be fined or arrested for slipping in the water with one. The humpbacks have bright white bellies as opposed to the grey bellies of the ones in Hawaii. French Polynesian whales migrate from Antarctica rather than Alaska. The one that I swam with was playing with a pod of rough-toothed dolphins and it completely blew my mind!

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