Megan Willis


Welcome to my online art gallery! I am an abstract artist living and working in Sacramento, California. After selling my art in large galleries in Hawaii and California for many years, I decided to open my own online gallery in order to work directly with my collectors. Since 2017, I have sold my art online to collectors around the world.

My luminous paintings are inspired by the intricacies of the sea and its inhabitants, its tranquility and power, and are an exploration of the sea’s chromatophoric creatures—I use fluid and shiny materials such as acrylic enamel, mica, and metal flakes to evoke a sense of magic and mystery.

My love of the sea grew from my childhood summers spent exploring the waters of the Hawaiian Islands, a connection that has only strengthened through my global scuba diving adventures.

My materials exist in the most advanced automotive paint technology. I utilize heat, water, and air pressure to create depth, movement, and texture that evoke natural ocean phenomena.

WHAT I offer
  • Commissioned Paintings with No Up-Front Costs
  • Free Living Space Mock-Ups
  • Free Shipping in USA
  • 1 Business Day Handling
  • Originals Only (No Prints)

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