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“I FEEL the ocean when I see your paintings. I truly appreciate you sharing some of your talents with us! Your work is beautiful and calming…just what I need!”

Bren C., California

“Thank you! Love your work! Keep it up! Hope to buy more!”

Matthew G., Arkansas

“I love her artwork soooo much, I have purchased several pieces. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!”

Bren C., California

“This will fit nicely in a corner that needs some color. Keep up the great work!” – Michael G., California

“It seriously is more beautiful than I could have imagined! The quality is absolutely incredible, the colors are so vibrant…pictures just don’t do it justice.”

Kendall S., California

“Arrived quickly, very well packed, better than advertised.”

Terry F., California

“This is a beautiful piece. I purchased another and they look great together!!!”

Osmer B., Florida

“It is so special and unique. I like how different you are than other artists we have looked at. We adore your style and the color choices. Thank you for your art.”

Magen and Sam G., Kentucky

“Beautiful art and package, time and communication with Megan was excellent!” – Aneudy B., Puerto Rico

“Loved Megan’s work so much I had her create another for me. Very talented!”

Michele F., Florida

“Beautiful art that you can’t find in stores and great service!”

Hayden J., Missouri

“I LOVE THEM!!! They are just so perfect and complete the room. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”

Kristen B., California

“Your painting really is breathtakingly beautiful. With its vibrant colors, it is now the focal point of our dining room. We just wanted to write this brief note to thank you for creating the painting and selling it to us.”

Bill S., California

“It’s so gorgeous my eyes are welling up! I love it so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Was even more beautiful than pictured – Megan was an absolute joy. A+++”

Amy C., Texas

“They look radiant on the wall. Love her work!” – Melissa P., Tennessee

“Beautiful product…Brilliant Service…Highly Recommended…Thanks.”

Gordon R., United Kingdom

“Lovely painting. Packaged beautifully.”

Kelly B., Texas

“What a great piece! Thank you so much!”

Kris S., Georgia
“Gorgeous art. Will be buying another piece. Highly recommend.” – Burton T., Nevada

Lovely painting. Packaging was excellent. Many thanks.

Gary M., United Kingdom

The art was shipped quickly and with great care. Can’t wait to hang it!

Zach P., Pennsylvania

“Thanks again, Megan. I think I will now have a really cool display using both pieces on the same wall!” – Michael G., California

“I just opened them this morning. They are both gorgeous…Thanks!”

Lisa W., California

“Beautiful art! Love it. Thanks so much!”

Stephanie V., Indiana

“ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS painting. High quality. Well packaged. Proud to own this!!!”

Michael S., Connecticut
“Very pleasant buying experience. Great quality artwork!” – James S., Tennessee

A++ seller. Extremely happy with my item. I’m very impressed with this piece.

Leida R., New York

Love the piece, colors were so vivid, loved the artist interpretation.

Sharon C., Florida


Megan Willis is an internationally collected abstract artist based in Sacramento, California

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